Purposefull Filter - Aeropress Stainless Steel Metal Coffee Filter - Fine Mesh

Guaranteed to improve taste, enjoy your coffee with a smile... The Purposefull filter is designed to fit the AEROPRESS coffeemaker perfectly. Featuring 62,500 holes per square inch, this filter is specifically designed to brew a grit free cup of coffee that allows the natural oils to give your favorite cup of coffee the taste you love.

Save £££, with no compromise, treat yourself to a better coffee experience...The ultra fine stainless steel filter is the perfect replacement for paper filters, saving you up to $100 over the lifetime of your aeropress whilst enhancing the taste of your favorite cup of coffee.

No hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee... We want you to feel confident to try our product. This filter is designed to enhance your coffee and designed to last. If you are not happy with your purchase in any way simply drop us an email at help@purposefullproducts.com and we will be happy to issue you a refund.

Used by people who really care about their coffee and the people who produce it... We believe we have the best filter out there. Our filters are acid and alkali resistant, and balance the quality of our mesh to let all the best bits through without having to apply excessive pressure.You would have to have a good reason not to choose the 100% risk free Purposefull filter -Buy one now!

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us: