Revive H2O All Purpose Filter Water Bottle - Filters 1500 litres

  • FAR SURPASSES GOVERNMENT SAFETY STANDARDS IN ALL AREAS - Removes 99.9% of water borne parasitic protozoa and bacteria. 
  • EVERYDAY USE - This amazing filter blocks ALL particles above 0.2 microns. Carbon filter softens water and removes odour.
  • GREAT WATER BOTTLE - No chemicals, pumping or batteries needed to produce instant clean drinking water.
  • SUPER WATER CAPACITY - At least 1500 litres of water filtration when properly maintained - Save £100's on bottled water - Great flow rate.
  • EASY TO TRAVEL WITH - Comes with BONUS carabineer to attach to your backpack and go anywhere. Filter can be easily removed to use the bottle for drinks other than water

THE ONLY WATER FILTER YOU WILL EVER NEED - This amazing indoor/outdoor water filter bottle can remove contaminants including heavy metals, fecal matter, bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause gastrointestinal disease, physical and mental health problems. No water source including bottled water is 100% free from contaminants removing these by filtering is always an advantage. This filter has passed SGS, FDA and BPA Free tests.

GREAT TO TRANSFORM TAP WATER - On top of what other filters provide the Revive H2O filter uses activated carbon as well as hollow fibre UF membrane filter technology. The carbon filter will soften tap water and improve its taste and odour.

GREAT FOR WILD WATER - A must have for travelling overseas to unknown water sources. Great for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Sport and Survival. No additional equipment needed to make safe water from rivers, lakes, wells, streams etc.


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