Purposefull UBER-FINE Stainless Steel Metal FABRIC Filter

  • WHY A FABRIC FILTER? - Stainless Steel filters and known and loved but the fabric filter allows another level of precision. We are always striving to make coffee better and we have found another way! You will get great tasting, smooth coffee with an easy brewing experience.
  • CLOSEST THICKNESS TO PAPER - A Fabric Filter is superior to the traditional thick metal design. The Fabric Filter matches the paper filter thickness and can easily be tightened down with the Aeropress caps. Unlike with the standard metal filter, now you can close the Aeropress cap all of the way!
  • HIGH QUALITY - Your Purposefull Fabric Filter has 100,000+ holes per square inch which provides Grit-Free & Smooth Coffee with every cup.
  • ALLOWS NATURAL OILS - This new model still allows the natural oils that would be absorbed by paper to flow whilst holding back even the smallest of coffee grounds.
  • REUSEABLE - Never worry about running out of Paper Filters to prepare your coffee. Save time restocking your paper filters - Buy our high quality Stainless Steel Fabric Filter for Aeropress today and improve your coffee.

The Purposefull Filter is the finest reusable Aeropress filter in the world: it has holes just 41 microns across, the Purposefull Filter traps grit other reusable filters can't catch.

Clean-up is easy: grit washes off the filter's mesh in seconds (it's dishwasher safe too). The 316 stainless steel, is a special grade of steel that's extremely resistant to corrosion. Quality materials mean the Purposefull Filter can be slim enough to fit perfectly (.015" or about the thickness of paper) and still incredibly strong.

Purposefull offer a no quibble money back guarantee as we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. You can return or exchange your Filter ANY time, for ANY reason - no matter what.

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