Purposefull Pro Swim Cap and Goggles - Professional Swim Accessories - Protect Hair and Eyes When Swimming - Comfortable Swimwear

  • AWESOME Swim set with comfortable swim cap and UV protection goggles, TOP QUALITY swim accessories for COMFORT, SPEED and STYLE in the water
  • SUPER STRONG, WATERPROOF silicone swim hat PROTECTS hair from chlorine and looks great even for LONG HAIR lengths. 80g thickness!
  • BREAKS HYDRODYNAMIC DRAG - swim better, SAVE ENERGY and MAXIMISE your swim stroke
  • ANTI-FOG SYSTEM - Gives you excellent vision in the water. Comfort silicone seals are designed for maximum comfort
  • SAVE MONEY - Combined goggles and swim cap set saves money and improves swimming performance

FOR NOVICE SWIMMERS AND PROFESSIONAL WATER ATHLETES, this high performance swim cap and goggles set will deliver great water performance without fuss.

GUARANTEED to improve vision in the water, protect hair from chlorine and water damage and support swimming efficiency, this Purposefull swim set meets the highest standards of performance and appearance.

UNCOMPROMISING DESIGN - created by swimmers for swimmers, the Purposefull cap and goggles set make a great gift.

FASHION LEADER - the black hydrodynamic swim cap and mirror goggles are the ultimate accessories for stylish swimmers, combining ultra performance with sleek design - looking great and swimming well has never been easier.

SWIM ACCESSORIES AT A BARGAIN PRICE ... spend less on expensive shampoos and conditioners with our unique waterproof swim hat offering dry hair and improved swim stroke in one!

EASE AND COMFORT GUARANTEED - the silicone swim cap is easy to pull on, without the tightness of latex, while the silicone comfort seals on the goggles ensure a snug fit but no unsightly goggle marks.

NO HASSLE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- We're confident that our swim cap and goggles will meet your needs so we invite you to rely on our product guarantee - if you're not entirely happy with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll refund you.

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