Purposefull Essential Facial and Body Hair Remover Tool

  • EASY TO USE - Simply Bend and Roll The Epilator Wand Against Unwanted Hair On Your Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns, and Upper Lip Areas. This Manual Epilator Wand Can Be Used at Home While Relaxing Around The House.
  • CHEAPER THAN BEAUTY TREATMENTS - No More Buying Wax OR Hair Reducing Creams. No Batteries, Save Money On Treatments Such As Ipl/Laser, Sugaring, Waxing, Bleaching, or even Electrolysis.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL - Don't Forget This Essential When On Holiday. Maybe buy 2 for your favorite handbags.
  • RESULTS UP TO 4 WEEKS - Using an Epilator Wand Repeatedly Can Slow Down Face Hair In-growth. Epilation Can Cause Hair To Grow Back Thinner and Less Course Over Time.
  • REMOVES UNATTRACTIVE FACIAL HAIR - This Threading Tool Removes Ingrown Hair From The Root Without Breakage, So All You're Left With Is Silky Smooth Skin.

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